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A&B Components --professionally manufactures and sells all kinds of buzzers. We have two production lines: piezo buzzer and magnetic buzzer, both include the self drive type, external drive type and SMD type.

(Magnetic Buzzer, Transducer, Mechancial Buzzer, Beeper, Piezo Element, Buzzer, Transducer, Piezo Siren, Alarm.)
There are over one thousand specifications now, the complete dimensions for you to choose, we can modify the length of the pins and the wires, or even customize for your unique project.

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About Specifications:

Rated Voltage: A piezo buzzer is driven by square waves (V p-p).
Operating Voltage: For normal operating. But it is not guaranteed to make the minimum SPL under the rated voltage.
Consumption Current: The current is stably consumed under the regular operation. However, it normally takes three times of current at the moment of starting to work.
Capacitance: A piezo buzzer can make higher SPL with higher capacitance, but it consumes more electricity.
Sound Output: The sound output is measured by decibel meter. Applying rated voltage and square waves, and the distance of 10 cm.
Rated Frequency: A buzzer can make sound on any frequencies, but we suggest that the highest and the most stable SPL comes from the rated frequency.
Operating Temp.: Keep working well between -30℃ and +70℃.

How to choose:

Driving methods: AZ-xxxxS-x series with built drive circuit will be the best choice when we cannot provide frequency signal to a buzzer, it only needs direct current. Besides, there are different tone nature for you to choose, such as continuous, fast pulse, and slow pulse.
Dimension: Dimension affects frequency, small size result in high frequency.
Voltage: Driven by square waves (V p-p), the higher voltage results in the higher SPL.
Pin Pitch: The numerous spec. for the piezo buzzers lead to the difficulty in finding a spec. in facsimile, therefore we suggest that you can firstly choose a spec. with the same pitch and similar frequency.


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